Day Ten: Lazy Sunday.


Day Nine: My car after a day on the mountain.

Day Eight: Lines in the sky.


Day Seven: Rust. The best I had for today.


Day Six: Thanks to working at Pita Pit, we eat here almost everyday.

Day Five: A collage of photos up in my house from photo one class. And my clock.


Day Four: I love to crochet. Something I did quite a bit of today.


Day Three: We flew kites at the park. It's spring.

Day Two: Show at Kilby Court. I enjoyed their way of holding up the sign.

Day One: Went to Provo for the weekend. I love bike rides with my brother.


About Me

i like to crochet. i make all kinds of hair/head accessories. if your're interested let me know! i can customize anything you'd like.