Joe+Kelly Wedding

This is Joe and Kelly. They got married last month. They are rad and so was their wedding day. These two were seriously all over each other and a dream to shoot. Thanks Joe and Kelly for being so great. And thanks Erin for hanging out this summer and helping me get some great experience. I am going to miss our summer photo days.


Mesa Photoshoots

While I was visiting my sister, Lacy, in the heat of Arizona she set up a few photo sessions with the girls in her young women's class. These girls were all so freaking cute and so much fun to work with. Lacy, you're the bomb. And so were these girls. Enjoy.



This is Mary. She was such a trooper and was down for anything. She was so much fun and made me wish our sesh could have lasted longer!

So, I don't know how much Mary will love this one, but I thought it was so cute.

I love the crazy lighting here.

Well, if you made me choose I think this is my favorite...or the next one..


This is Lindsay. Another natural in front of the camera. Not the least bit shy to try out anything we asked. Downtown Mesa turned out to be gnarlier than I thought!

Totally my favorite. Sometimes I even surprise myself!

Lacy says this is totally her personality...love it!

Or maybe this is my fav...i can't decide!

Yeah, this purple wall we found was dope.


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